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Sunday, 12 May 2019



ILETS refers to International English Language Testing System which is to be cleared for admission in all universities in English speaking nations. It majorly consists of four categories Reading,Writing Listening,Speaking which are required to be a proficient.

Reading can be referred to as reading inclusive of technical grammar skills along with reading.Its a concept which follows more-The merrier phenomenon i.e The more you will read the more you will know. Hence,habitual and consistent reading not only will cater to the needs of exam but will also enrich your knowledge base and provide you with enhanced self confidence.

Writing is an important ingredient of a language, One who can write well what his/her thoughts are serve the purpose of a language, Hence,it is an important aspect of ILETS exam which needs to be focussed and practiced on daily basis.
Aspirant can write essays on topics of previous year question papers and can compare theirs with the best essays of the toppers in order to enhance their writing skill.

The world need more listeners and hence listening with the ability to understand and comprehend the provide information is a significant aspect to the exam. One can watch english movies and should try to communicate groups in the language so as to become proficient to comprehend and understand what the other person has to say and react accordingly.

The art of delivering one's thoughts or ideas is very important for the ILETS exam to develop this skill one shall start speaking the language at personal level groups,colleges,friend,family etc so as to become proficient.
Reading quality English Newspapers,watching English Based Movies,Listening to speeches and debates in the language and practice as per guidelines and past year patterns can serve the purpose.
Practice makes a man perfect and hence practice makes a man perfect and hence practice and command over the four skills and be updated with norms is necessary. 
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