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Sunday, 28 April 2019

Blood Sampling Vial Colour Codding


As we Know there are many types of blood tubes used for lab investigations.
1.Black Top Tube:- Sodium Citrate 20% used as anticoagulant for test ESR.
2.Purple Top Tube:-EDTA(Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid) used as Anticoagulant for test Hb,CBC.
3.Red Top Tube:-Plain vial Contains in vial Blood coagulate result in Serum (take one Hour)
4.Green Top Tube:-small sillica beadsplasma used for biochemistry investigation like renal,electrolytes,ammonia.
5.Grey Top Tube:-Tube contains Fluoride oxalate. that inhibits glycolysis used for test Glucose.
6.Red Top Tube:-contains clot activator like small sillica beads for speed up coagulation.(take 20 min.)
7.Yellow Top Tube:-contains small silica beads with separator gel resulting sample serum.
8.Blue Top Tube:-Sodium Citrate 10% used Coagulation investigation like PT-INR,APTT. 

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