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Q1. Why give BCG Vaccine only on the Left upper arm?
ans.  BCG is given on the left upper arm to maintain uniformity and for helping surveyors in verifying the receipt of the vaccine.

Q2. Why do we give 0.05ml Dose for of BCG to newborn (below 1 month of age)?
ans. This is because the skin of newborn is thin and an intra dermal injection of 0.1 ml may break the skin or penetrate into the deeper tissue and cause local abscess and enlarged axillary lymph nodes.

Q3.Why is BCG given only upto one year of age?
ans.Most children acquire natural clinical sub-clinical tuberculosis infection by the age of one year. this too protects against severe form of childhood tuberculosis eg. TB meningitis and miliary disease.

Q4. If no scar appears after administering BCG should  one re-vaccinate the child?
ans.  There is no need to revaccinate.

Q1. How many prophylactic does of vitamin  A should be given and till what age?
ans. Total of 9 does of vitamin A should be given till 5 year of age.

Q2. What should be the minimum gap between two doses of vitamin A?
ans. 6 Months.

Q3. How should vitamin A syrup be administered ?
ans. Vitamin A syrup should be administered using only the spoon/dispenser provided with each bottle. the half mark in the spoon indicates 100,000 IU and a level full spoon contains 200,000 IU of vitamin A. 

Q4. What is the treatment schedule for children with clinical sign of vitamin A deficiency?
ans. Administer 200,000 IU of vitamin A  immediately after diagnosis, followed by another dose of 200,000 IU , 1-4 weeks later.

Q5 How long can a bottle of vitamin A be used once opened ?
 ans. A  vitamin A bottle once opened should be used within 6-8 weeks . write the date of opening on the bottle .

Q6. vitamine A supplements?
ans. *Early and exclusive breast feeding including feeding of colostrum rich in vitamin A. 
       *Regular consumption of dark green leafy vegetables or yellow and orange fruits and vegetables like pumpkin, carrots, papaya, mango, orange, along with cereals and pulses to a weaning child.
       * Consumption of milk cheese curd, ghee, eggs, liver etc.

Q1. Why give the measles vaccine only on the right upper arm?
ans. The measles vaccine is given on the right upper arm to maintain uniformity and to help surveyors in verifying the receipt of vaccine.


                                                                  HEPATITIS B

Q1. Cam hepatitis B vaccine be mixed in the same syringe with DPT  and given as one injection?
ans. NO.

Q2.Until what age can hepatitis B vaccine be given?
ans. Till one year of age.

Q3. Why given the birth dose of hepatitis B vaccine only within 24 hour of birth. 
ans. The birth dose of hepatitis B vaccine (within the first 24 hours) is effective in preventing peri-natal transmission of hepatitis B .


* DPT vaccine can be given until 2 years of age.
* If the child comes between 2 to 5 years without any vaccination two doses of dt can be given with opv with a minimum gap of 4 weeks (or one month). A single dose of measles vacine also needs to be given with first dose of DT.
* The gap between two dose 4 weeks because may interfere with the antibody response and protection.
* DPT is given in the antero-lateral mid thigh and not the gluteal region to prevent damage to the sciatic nerve moreover, the vaccine deposited in the fat of gluteal region dose  not invite the appropriate immune system.
* a child who is allergic to DPT or develop encephalopathy after DPT shoould be given the DT vacine instead of DPT for the remaining doses as it ios usually the P (whole cell pertussis ) component of the vaccine which cause the allergy/ encephalopathy. 

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